11 May 2013

Unplayed piano...

Mike is a great guy I met here in Nottingham who is based in Hopkinson's near Nottingham Train Station.  He restores furniture and does so fantastically!  His creativity is astounding and his ambition is enviable, his projects bringing life to old pieces in a truly artistic way.

Last year he stumbled upon an old piano at an auction...

My friend Imogen and I went over to have a tinkle on the keys and decided that it wasn't too out of tune.  Mike quickly got to work putting his hand to this bizarre project; he confessed he knew nothing about piano's but wanted to give it a try and see what he could come up with.

- Photograph by Jon Brown -

Pictured above is Elijah-Jack, the 3rd child of my God-parents Joshua & Irdi.
Mike completely restored the piano and finished it with matt black paint that gave it a real sophisticated look.  I felt some strange emotional connection to this particular project so I hooked him up with my God-parents who I knew would take great care of it.

Irdi plays piano beautifully, and their son Ransom aged 6 is taking lessons.
Elijah-Jack will be writing sonatas by the time he reaches 6 I'm sure...
This wonderfully restored piece fills the home with joy and beautiful music.
Made with love, played with love.

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